ShapeShift Manadala™

Next Generation Cybersecurity

ShapeShift ™ is a uniquely novel data encryption technology based on Deterministic Chaos foundations.

In contrast, today's Public Key Encryption methods have “mathematical foundations” vulnerable to Quantum Computing Superpositioning Periodicity analysis.

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Discreet Deterministic Chaos Foundation, Not Mathematics!

ShapeShift Value Proposition

  • Problem:
    Quantum Computing and Shor’s Algorithm (1994) rapidly identify mathematical periodicity in today’s Public Key Encryption algorithms.
  • Consequence:
    Quantum Computing undermines Public Key Encryption and global PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) effectiveness, thereby presenting existential threats to Nation-States, Global Enterprises, and eCommerce.
  • Requirement:
    A comprehensive data encryption technology exhibiting NO mathematical periodicity that fortifies and preserves global Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) investments well into the future.
  • Solution:
    ShapeShift, a patent pending, new, amorphous data encryption cipher, fortifies existing RSA and PKI operations, immunizing them from Quantum Computing vulnerabilities.

“Hackers Could steal encrypted data now and crack it
with Quantum Computers later, warn analysts!”


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Cyber Security Disasters Statistics:

  • 43% of U.S. companies never reopen after a Cyber Security disaster
  • A total of 72% close within 3 years following a disaster
  • 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss event are extinct within 5 years
  • 20% of small to medium size businesses suffer a major disaster every 5 years


ShapeShift Renders Quantum Computing Periodicity Analysis Irrelevant

Discreet Deterministic Chaos Foundation, not Mathematics


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